In the game of life, various roles are set out for each of us to play. It starts in childhood, where good behaviour and achievements are rewarded.  This  escalates in school and escalates even more once you reach adulthood.

Perfection, prestige, fame, fortune, the list of starring roles is endless. In each role, the message is clear:”This is how we roll.” This is what a good student looks like, the perfect mother, the successful businessman, the beauty queen.

Heaven forbid if you interpret, approach and play your role out of the norm. You find that that is not how it rolls. Like Jill you will be sent rolling down a steep hill, get admonished, ostracised. The only way to survive the set roles life demands from us is to roll with the flow or roll with the punches.

If you insist playing your role in your own unique, out of the norm way, learn to live with a thick skin and know how to roll up like a pangolin.  It is a hard role to roll out, but the reward huge.  Withstand rolling punches, slants, sleights and disapproval. Roll out of those ordained, boxed roles. Roll on, Ramblin’ Rose.  So what is the answer to the question? Play the role like only you can! The is only one you!

That is the end of that. Say a prayer for the pangolin while you are here. They are being poached to extinction. Not able to play their roll up role in nature! So sad.

If you want to participate, here is how:

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