Words containg dom. A suffix indicating a certain  condition or state says Oxford. Domino comes to mind. The effect of one domino falling onto another, setting a chain of action in motion.

The house of cards tumbles down…. games…..real life. Speaking of games, the Scrabble dictionary gives an extensive list of word ending in dom. Bestsellerdom the 13-letter kingpin.

I read through the list of Scrabbledom words and the likes of Enid Blyton, Amy Whinehouse and a plethera of tragic famous people come to mind. I think of instant fame. Instagramdom. Stardom. Follower fans, fandom. Hollow lives. Ironic the the second shortest word Sodom, a den of inequity for all of time….and the shortest dom word is dom itself…meaning kingdom. Is kingdom then kingkingdom?

I take out the Scrabble to play with dom.

My heart skips a beat. My father bought this for us in the 1960’s. I brush over his neatly printed name. Feel the indentations of the pen. God, it’s 42 years since his death. The dominoes of time fall away. I can hear him explaining the rules.

Back to dom.

Poetic irony plays out as letters fall like dominoes.







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