No words of my own #Budget 2018


“VAT should now be called ZAT – Zuma Added Tax – the price WE pay for corrupt leadership and billions stolen under JZ’s watch. ” -Deirdre Carter

On Budget 2018 I have nothing to add.

7 thoughts on “No words of my own #Budget 2018

      • The people screamed “It’s a crock of shit, and it stinks” but middle management could not tell that to the big bosses so they reported “It is that which fertilizes the garden and it has a strong odour” And management was happy and nothing changed.
        When the bosses and the kings look down upon their flock from their ivory towers they see a sea of smiling faces. When we the people look up at the bosses and kings in the ivory towers all we see is a bunch of assholes

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        • The wheels of the bus go round and round and the more things change, the more thay stay the same. Immers het die nuwe ou een hudige vroutjie en hy #tummymustgo. Ek sou laaik as hy die parlement ook #tummymust go


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