Dear Queen Elizabeth

As a young child in Swaziland, pre- independence I was privy to all things English and colonial. Tea and cucumber sandwiches. The club where gin-soaked gentlemen and ladies sat on shady verandas, where bowls and cricket and polo was the entertainment. English only schooling with very British teachers and nicknames, Mrs Cannonball being the most feared of all. And we sang God Save the Queen. The Queen being Your Royal Highness. Queen Elizabeth II.

The King James Bible was where I learnt Psalm 23 from. An English book about the Children of the Outback my first taste of the Commonwealth of Nations we all belonged to. Headed by you, Queen Elizabeth II

Throughout our lives, through all phases, news of the British Royal family captivated attention and created headlines. As I grew older I admired you, the stoic, dutybound Queen. I think most people did and will always.

Your children and sister did not make your life easy going. Many Prime Ministers and cabinets neither. You country and the world at large even less. Through all that was thrown you way you kept to the promise you made as a twenty-six year old. My word, you welcomed your fifteenth prime-minister on Tuesday, and now you are no more of this world. Respect!

Source: Sky News

My mother in law shares the same birth year as Your Majesty. It seems the generation of 1926 was endowed with a great sense of loyalty, grace, dutifulness and steely resolve to move onward regardless of strife, sorrow or mishap. Thank you for being exemplary and honourworthy and soft enough that we quietly also said Queen Lilibeth.

Today we woke up to a world where you no longer reside.

May Your Majesty’s forever be blessed in abundance


Me and my house.