It has been arctic the last few days. Temperatures below zero. The birdbath froze over, the softer plants burnt to pulp by the cold and wind. I kept the fireplace stoked from early morning all week.

A friend sends me a good morning WhatsApp on this chilly mid-winter morning. The picture is of a woman blanketed snugly sitting in a rocking chair, enjoying a splendid view through an arched window. My friends message is to enjoy what this peaceful Sunday brings.

I get up and make coffee, open the door to the stoep for the Waterval gang. They rush out to do what dogs do.

As I step out on the veranda, there in the morning sunlight, framed in the arch, all manner of light bounces around the cyclamen.

Good morning God and thank you!

Have a blessed and peaceful Sunday.

Waterval Farm, Limpopo, 19 May 2022.
Photo: Erna Maré