How privileged to live on a farm without all the stress this way of life brings. We are fortunate to live in the old homestead of a friend, who prefers to live in Polokwane. A beautiful old house with spacious rooms. They mainly plant vegetables and a herd of naughty goats bleat and graze around the farm and some beautiful Nyala are our direct neighbours.

Sometimes they also plant garlic. And once a year, for a week the pungent smell permeates everything. I do not mind, as freshly harvested garlic find its way to my kitchen.

I bottle some in balsamic vinegar and olive oil. So I always have ample stock. The highlight of harvest time is roasted garlic. The soft creamy cloves fresh off the braai, is a heavenly gastronomic experience. A cloudy mellowness replaces the pungent sharpness of raw garlic. Wikipedia has an article worth reading.

Plaas Waterval Roasted Garlic: We cut of the top of a whole bulb, use Funky Ouma African Rub Spice, salt and lots of olive oil. Wrap in heavy duty foil. Place on the braai, to the side. Forget about it. At the end of the braai, unwrap the roasted garlic and enjoy with whatever meat and other side dishes you have prepared. Lekker.

I keep some in a plastic tub and use roasted garlic cloves for rubs, spreads and general cooking. There are lots of great uses, read here: