I have visited the saltpans of Botswana, and have flown over a saltplain in Australia for more than an hour. I was awestruck on both occassions.

This morning a good friend sends me a WhatsApp message: “Look, there is a place where heaven meets earth.”

Seriously, I laugh, and open the video. The only place like that is my beloved Camdeboo.

Soon I sit amazed and astounded. I look and look again at the wonder unfolding before me.

True to my inquisitive nature I summon the help of our friend Google to learn more about Salar de Uyuni, a playa (saltpan) of 10 582km² , over 1millon hectares and 3,663 metres above sea level in the Daniel Campos province of the Potosi Deptartment in southwest Bolivia.

Where heaven and earth meet.

For most of the year, the salar, an enourmous expanse of natural salt, remains completely dry. During the summer rainy season the site becomes flooded the salt plain becomes a natural mirror. Wow!

The area also hosts a graveyard for old trains, read more about it here!

Image: https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/great-train-graveyard

Hope you enjoyed the virtual tour with me, and also spent a moment in awe of Mother Earth and her wonders!

This is bucket list stuff for sure.

Stay safe!.