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Creation of a new day is a spring well for emotion and imagination. Nothing like a breath taking dawn to fill the soul with dopamine of the natural kind. In those quiet moments when the illumination of the sun lights up the golden hour with hues ranging from fiery orange to pastel pink, communication with the Creator of everything is spontaneous and key to my life and existence.

I love watching the bright orange source of life dispense colour over the skies until it is a white hot ball to harsh for the naked eye. The notion that the Painter empties colour from His inspiration palette into creation of each new day with our daily dose of grace and hope and the gift of another day to live out loud, is enough to set my senses into motion and give wings to my imagination.

It is spring here in South Africa. The Bushveld of Limpopo where I live on a farm is waiting in anticipation for the promise of a good rain season. The past week we have been blessed with two rainstorms and since then, you hear the grass and trees getting into growth motion, sense a notion of joy and anticipation in the joyous cacophony of birdsong.

To celebrate I planted colourful Snapdragon (Atirrium Snapshot) seedlings and as compensation for the burden of collective hurt and suffering of millions of our beautiful Mzanzi nation.

You see gender based violence against women and children and Covid19-resource corruption is not fiction in South Africa. It is very real. The reverberation causing much concern and consternation throughout our beautiful land.

Please let us keep each other in our prayers. Blessings!

Hope this inspiration sets your imagination into motion!