At a watering hole in the lush savanna of the Kruger National Park, five friends meet regularly. The Big Five their official name. What a sight to see them come together. 

Bill Buffalo is the first to leave his obstinacy to meander toward the gathering place. Soon, Rambo Rhino leaves his crash and disturbs a murder of crows on the way.

A convocation of eagles hang in the wind high above a parade of elephants. Tusk turns away from the group and saunters off to meet the gang.

A tower of giraffe, nibbling on acacia, cautiously watch Zion the Lion chase  cubs back to the pride. It is time to get to the company of great friends. camelperd

Lithe the leopard leaves the leap and a sends a business of ferrets flying in all directions.

The friends gather at the edge of the watering hole. A bloat of hippopotamuses float by.

“Good to see you all,” Bill greets everyone and true to character, does not wait for greetings to be reciprocated. Simply charges ahead and announces today’s discussion theme. “Linda wants us to discuss the pros and cons of anything for Stream of Conciousness Saturday (SoCS)…”

Zion rolls her eyes at Rambo who shakes his head to keep the peace. Lithe stares over the water, deep in thought.

“Everybody is going to make lists for and against certain issues. Let us do something different. Let us use words containing pro and con and consider the benefits or not of gangs,” Lithe purrs quietly.

“Ah, I see.  Containing, consider. Lithe, did you practice beforehand or are you bragging,” Rambo snorts and  Lithe shrugs and smiles.

Tusk trumpets in agreement, sending a zeal of zebras into a frenzied stampede. “Tusk, must you always cause a raucous,” Zion growls.

A swarm of bees quieten down, this is going to get interesting. A bask of crocodiles also move closer to the edge of the watering hole, hoping to learn something from the Big Five powwow. As always the cackle of hyenas huddle behind a fallen tree.


“Ja, belonging to a group is something that can be good, but it can be bad too. A sense of  of knowing you are among your soulmates, waxing lyrical about shared  interests  is something I approve of. Keeps my heart mothproofed and my prozac use limited,” Bill mumbles.

“Ag, Bill, really, you and your feelings. You must stop feeling so uprooted. You have us and your family, not everyone has to love you. We like you and your prose makes us proud,” Tusk interjects before Bill has everyone depressed.

“It is true,” Rambo proclaims and proceeds. “No-one must try and expropriate our bond. They will have me to deal with. Our differences bind us together. We are soulmates and can handle conflict, and shoot straight without anyone feeling constipated.”

Tusk looks at Rambo, and they laugh.  Two thunderous farts resound. A dung beetle comes scurrying along, happy  for the steaming fresh find.

 “Ag, no man, guys. Your manners are unconsiderate and uncongenial.  I like that we can discuss unconvenient truths, without  condemnation,” Lithe  wrinkles his  nose and stretches his slim back.

“I hate conformity, so boring. Ag, and the cackle of condemnation if you differ from hyenas. It is really not worthwhile. It is when groups are to large, and get bored that things get complicated And life is too short. I have my horn to worry about, and we all are trophy targets,” Rambo sighs.

“Ja, let us lighten up. Did you know that  thefakesoundofprogress and spookydisharminousconflict are listed as words containing pro and con,” Zion growls.

“Really, to what end? I like the words, but why would someone use them,” Tusk wonders out loud.

“Rock’n Roll bands and their album names,” Zion says.

“Speaking of progress. I love this joke: If the opposite of pro is con, the the opposite of progress is the ANCongress. Just saying,”  Bill bows his head as if accepting applause.

“Yo, Bill, that is very politically incorrect of you…but who wants to conform,” Rambo butts Bill with his horn. They laugh so loud that the cackle of hyenas run off in the distance, tails between their legs.

As the sun sets, they bid their goodbyes.

“That was lekker, guys. See you next week,” Tusks rambles across the veld looking for the elephant herd.

Zion let’s out a mighty roar and Lithe speeds away. Bill and Rambo greet covid polite style by touching horns. 

Another great powwow at the watering hole.


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