2020 Vision
A prayer by Jon Humphries

With us at all times
And in all things,
Help us to see you
Light in our darkness
Calm in our storms
Peace in our chaos
Presence in our isolation
Power in our weakness
Strength in our struggles
Patience in our trials
Way in our wandering
Direction in our lostness
Calm in our busyness
Confidence in our fearfulness
Forgiveness in our failings
Humility in our arrogance
Grace in our judging
Gentleness in our aggression
Disturbance in our settledness
Communion in our individuality
Reconciliation in our divisiveness
Selflessness in our selfishness
Mission in our aimlessness
Depth in our shallowness
Breadth in our narrowness
Care in our carelessness
Compassion in our thoughtlessness
Passion in our apathy
Conviction in our complacency
Focus in our distraction
Mystery in our certainty
Challenge in our belief
Contentment in our yearning
Purpose in our living
Love in all that we do
Looking to you at work in our lives,
We pray,

(Via @prayers that unite)