Spectacular summer sunrise on an African farm. Truly blessed!

The jubilant song of the resident early bird, a groundscraper thrush, woke me just after 04h30. An overwhelming urge to be outside came over me, and within minutes I was out on the lawn..

In the dawn light Venus shimmered and sparkled like a Royal diamond. The sky tinted with pink, and on the horison the sun was playing with all shades of orange and red.

My heart skipped a beat. I could hear the guitar riff of the Call hit, ‘Let the day begin.’

Heaven was rocking. I rushed to get my camera to capture the magnificent magic. I could hear God saying to me: “Here’s to you my little loves, with blessings from above, let the day begin….”

I ended up playing air guitar, rocking to the melody in my head, with the new dawn and birds bearing witness.

I love starting the day like this!

Rock with me, and enjoy the photo’s.

Be blessed!