I posted this on Facebook, 24 December 2010:

May the wonder of the celebration of the birth of Christ take your breath away and love and peace surround you. Eat – let the wonders in this life feed your soul; Pray – get to know God; Love – care for others. (Not my own words, translated from wise words by Johan Beukes) Have a Blessed Christmas!

The wonder of Christ becoming one of us, walking in our shoes, leading by example will never cease to amaze me. So many risks taken, to prove Godly love and grace for us, fallible mortal beings. Let this feed your soul.

But God, peace does not surround us. It is something we have to work on deep inside ourselves these days. Here in South Africa, peace is enigmatic, it flutters here and there. And when night falls, we pray Lord, our souls to keep. Evil, hatred and entitlement has its torchlight shining here, there and everywhere…we do not know when evil will call. When it is our window or door broken open for a cellphone, a television set, the bank card or the car in the garage. All because someone is focused on what they do not have. All because of myths and pain and politics. Please help us that fear does not eat away at us.

As I sit and write, my daughter is baking a cake, my husband has lit a braai fire. My dogs are playing catch, the weavers are building nests, the swallows sweeping the sky like playful kites. Clouds of promise are building up – rain for Christmas Eve. Thank you for the warmth, love and belonging and promise of renewal I feel. Thank you for surrounding me with love, for feeding my soul..

On our very, made of wire, African Baobab Christmas tree, the praying angel is tinged with blue. Blue for hope and peace. Thank you God, for letting me see.

We have no gifts under our Christmas tree. We chose to spread our love and care outward. Two scholars in our midst have sponsorship for next year, our staff have a bit extra to spend. We lack nothing because of this decision. As a family, we are, with the grace of God, a fourfold garland. Strong and lasting, and our love spread to places unseen.

So, dear whoever is reading here – eat, pray love – may God bless and keep you.

Ps. I have never received a more meaningful gift than this:

My beautiful child handed me this gift just now.

Four batteries, with a message: “All the power you need for that gift you really want.” The make of battery – Daily-power.

God, was that You?