I entered the #NaNoWriMo 2018 challenge as a plantser to write about my life thus far. See on 31 December I will be 60. There was more than enough to write about. On 30 November just over 60 000 words was my achievement.

The writing tin was filled to the brim. The tin can holding memories and thoughts all empty and hollow. So I thought.

Lier,lier pants on fire. After an epic month of writing 1600 word or more per day, something new happened.

I needed to keep on writing every day. Thoughts flowing from deep inside and my fingers flying over the QWERTY keys, liberated me from diving into the same tin of memories, hurt, pain, loss that has defined my life for a very long time.

I have come to realise there are tins that need to be emptied. They are way past their best by date. They do not serve the greater good and general well-being of my soul, my life.

Tins past their best by date causes harm, are poisoned with cloudy content, murky waters.

Writing out my story has helped me rid the pantry of the old, rusted tins. I have re-arranged and repainted the shelves with bright white of hopefulness and wholeness.

New clear bottles with names like acceptance, perspective, understanding, wisdom, love, peace,serendipity and growth have replaced rusted tins filled with loss, pain, grief, anger, loneliness, isolation, guilt and many others.

The newly arranged rows of bottles are filled to the brim. Full of life and new beginnings. A new memory pantry in my heart. What a gift from me to me! No more old tins!

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