So Linda wants us to digest digest

Digestion of words.

A dictionary I find difficult to digest.

A thesaurus with it’s world of possible words opening at every turn, a little easier on my cerebral palate.

Words strung together wonderfully in prose, I’ll have lot’s of those.

Indigestible, although many fib about their love for it, is a diet of the Russian classics. Dostoyevsky and his tumultuous 19th century Russia mixed with a dose of philosophy and religion. Hard to stomach for even the most avid reader.

Hard fibre would be Shakespeare, not the sonnets though. You have to chew and chew, but you get there in the end.

The more balanced high fibre blend and easier to digest are the classics by the Bröntes, Jane Austin, Dickens and the like. 

Then don’t forget Paton, Salinger, Platt, Tolkien, Heller…..oh my what a varied diet. So many words to digest, so many great stories to mull over.

My adult diet is filled with Pat Conroy, Sebastian Faulks, Wally Lamb, Paulo Coehlo, Joanne Harris, and so on and so on, the list is endless. 

And my favourite literary diet is the sweetest to digest. The beautiful stories in Afrikaans, my mother tongue. Deon Meyer, Antjie Krog, Elsa Joubert, Dot Serfontein, Dalene Matthee and many more.

Last but not least, the words I love to digest, are from God.  I love my Bible. The more of this I digest, the greater my understanding of life on this earth.

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