\kən, ˈkan also ˈken; dialectal ˈkin\
past could\kəd, ˈku̇d \; present singular & plural can



Can can boast becuase can can! 

Can can do what cannot can’t

Can is an inside job.

Only you can.

Can cannot be bought.

Can is like the can-can dance,

gives a kickass high when you find

what you thought

you could not,

is in the can!

I think I just canned the #SOSC can.


This stream of consiousness playfulness, sent me on an exploration of can in the  dictionary. Can is a fabulous word. It has been around since the 12th century.

This stream of can sent me on an exploration in the Meriam Webster dictionary. Can is a fabulous word. Look.

“Can as a transitive verb


archaic : to be able to do, make, or accomplish

Can as an intransitive verb

archaic : to have knowledge or skill

Can as an auxiliary verb

  • know how to She can read.
  • be physically or mentally able to He can lift 200 pounds.
  • used to indicate possibility Do you think he can still be alive?
  • Those things can happen. Sometimes used interchangeably with may
  • be permitted by conscience or feeling tocan hardly blame her
  • be made possible or probable by circumstances tohe can hardly have meant that
  • be inherently able or designed toeverything that money can buy
  • be logically or axiologically able to2 + 2 can also be written 3 + 1.
  • be enabled by law, agreement, or custom toCongress can declare war.
  • have permission to —used interchangeably with may You can go now if you like.

Can as a noun

A usually cylindrical receptacle:

  • a vessel for holding liquidsspecifically : a drinking vessel… in his hand did bear a boozing can …— Edmund Spenser
  • a usually metal typically cylindrical receptacle usually with an open top, often with a removable cover, and sometimes with a spout or side handles (as for holding liquid or trash)
  • a container (as of tinplate) in which products (such as perishable foods) are hermetically sealed for preservation until usea can of beans
  • a jar for packing or preserving fruit or vegetables
  • a recessed lighting fixtureAugment natural light with recessed cans in the ceiling, sconces on side walls, or a table lamp on a shelf …— Jill Connors

JAIL     The cops threw him in the can.

TOILET  Sitting on the can

b: BATHROOM SENSE      He locked himself in the can and wouldn’t come out.

4: BUTTOCKS           He needs a kick in the can.

5: DESTROYER SENSE    served on a can during the battle

HEADPHONE —usually pluralYou don’t realize just how noisy it is inside a plane until you put on a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones … . I generally leave the noise-cancelling cans on even when I’m not listening to anything at all—the relative quiet makes a long trip less stressful.— Steven Morgenstern

.In the can of a film or videotape : completed and ready for release

Can as a verb

  • to put in a can : preserve by sealing in airtight cans or jarscan tomatoes
  • to hit (a golf shot) into the cup
  • to hit (a shot) in basketball
  • to discharge from employmentgot canned for being late so often
  • slang : to put a stop or end towere told to can the chatter”

And guess what, a Canadian is called a Can!

Lastly, be positive like Thomas the little engine: “I think I can, I think I can”.

Thomas Can

You can participate too. Yes, you can!

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