At mention of the word precious, Gollum of Lord of the Rings whispers in my ear: “My precious.”

A Wikepedia article on Gollum explains: “The Ring, which Gollum referred to as “my precious” or “precious”, extended his life far beyond natural limits. Centuries of the Ring’s influence twisted Gollum’s body and mind, and, by the time of the novels, he “loved and hated [the Ring], just as he loved and hated himself.” Throughout the story, Gollum was torn between his lust for the Ring and his desire to be free of it.”

Precious according to the Oxford Dictionary implies something held dear, loved and valued often “sophisticated in a way that is artificial and exaggerated.”

To over-value something may lead to covetous behaviour. Often we yearn for something that is not ours. We become Gollum. The yearning to possess overtakes and overwhelms.

Get real.

Don’t Gollum.

A lava pit awaits.


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