“Chuckling, giggling, snickering, snorting. All are forms of laughter our natural gift for coping with lifes demands…” , my 32-year old daughter chirps when I tell her todays daily prompt reminds me of her Grade 6 speech about laughter. A happy chuckle ensues when we recall the days of preparation for this speech titled ‘Laughter is the best medicine.’ I recall my beautiful child, with the whole world still before her, delivering the speech and donning silly glasses and a Charlie Chaplin mustache! She had the school in stitches whilst keeping a straight face!

She still lights up a room when she smiles, and we enjoy many silly inside jokes and eye-rolls. Our queen of wit and sarcasm.


I recently read in an article: “Laughter is your birthright, a natural part of life that is innate and inborn. Infants begin smiling during the first weeks of life and laugh out loud within months of being born. Even if you did not grow up in a household where laughter was a common sound, you can learn to laugh at any stage of life.”

Smile. Count your blessings. Gravitate toward laughter, ask “what is funny.” Surround yourself with fun people and don’t hide your wit, use it or lose it.

Did you know simulated laughter sessions come highly recommended by therapists? Imagine going to laughter class.

Has life stolen your laugh? Be your own Charlie Chaplin. Don’t take yourself seriously and always choose laughter if you are offered the choice

Are you too serious? Get over that by sharing embarrassing incidents. Many of these occur because we take ourselves seriously.

C’est la vie is better than tailspinning into anger and frustration when you find yourself in situations you cannot change. Bureaucratic government service, queues in the bank, pathetic service at the grocer – let it go, chill. Watch people go by, look for something amusing and simply put a smile on your dial. It changes everything.

According to the wise, keeping your inner child alive and emulating the joy and spontaneousness of a child enhances your ability to think out of the box and stimulates creativity. I like that. I choose laughter.

Don’t be a sourpuss. It ages you. Funny word, sourpuss. There. I got you to smile. Nice feeling, don’t you think?


via Daily Prompt: Laughter