Protest 101 for white people

Briljant en snaaks…

Loud Mouthed Chick

It was bound to happen. Over the last year or five, white people have been grumbling into their gin ‘n tonics about Mr Zoomah and his kabal of petty thieves. Becky has complained about it to Patience when she vacuums her office. Even Todd, after performing and awkward hand shake has asked “Bongs from the office” what his view was. Naturally, neither of them listened particularly hard to the responses, if indeed any were forthcoming. Whiteness is a little hard of hearing that way.

But shit just got real. White people will be going to an ACTUAL protest on Friday. All you hear about at Fego is fervent chatter about whether it’s best to “march with Moosey in Joburg” or to “join Save SA” in Pretoria. Decisions, decisions.
Friday’s protest is going to be horribly middle class, so let me give you a lecture in Protest 101.
1. Wear Sneakers…

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