Kamryn Smith is one of the South African youth making her voice heard, she wrote an open letter to Jacob Zuma. Here is what she had to say,

open letter

An Open to Letter to Mr Zuma

Dear Mr Zuma. I am hurting. My country is hurting. Not just because of the sudden reshuffle but because of years of compounded turbulence that our country has seen at the hands of you. Our citizens may not all be political experts but we can see that your mismanagement of governance is causing major mayhem, confusion, separation and overall dissatisfaction. And that is putting it mildly.

Mr Zuma, you are not a representation of the ANC who prides itself on its key obejctive of a united society. You represent the helm of corrupt leaders who’s key objective is a divided society. Specifically- the government and the people.

I do not stand for you and your high incompetence of leading my beloved South Africa into true freedom of political bondage.

We are a country with the utmost potential in our hands and can truly be accessed with good leadership. I am confident in our abilities to become a leading nation that we are wholly proud to be associated with.

But, as a leader, you are detrimental to the future of our country. You have dilapidated the status of SA and inherently you are affecting the future of your own loved ones too.

I am urging you to please change your ways of leadership that would benefit, not only you, but the whole of South Africa. Or if you choose not to comply with the calls of many citizens – please step down.

A 17 year old saddened by the state of her cradle.